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Welcome to the bright forces of SAPPHIRE VERSION.

Here you'll find Pokebattles and stuff. I hope my site can raise as high as the highest Version.

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What's New?


DANG! I forgot the battle! It was gonna be great! HOPEFULLY, I'll have it up later. LATERZ!


Eh.....sorry for no update. I'll have Battle 22 up soon. Get ready for my bestest battle ever!


I put up a stupid poll! Hehe.


I have Battle 21 written! Maybe you'll see Battle 22 later...


Tournament 2 is up! Expect more battles soon!


I've decided to keep the site going! I'm ditching the fan fic though. I was going to ditch the site and make Neon Version but decided not to. I have ideas for new characters and the forums might be revamped soon. See ya later!


Three new battles are up! The tournament might be up, too!

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